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Leadership and Communication

Want to feel more confident at work so you can have a greater impact? Facing an important career transition? Via professional coaching, you can determine your challenges and set goals that will enable you to enhance how effective you feel at work. Sample outcomes include: learning how to have difficult conversations, staying positive in the face of difficult challenges, managing others, leading systemic change, leading up, asking for and getting what you want, changing careers, looking for a job, etc.


Paddling in the Sea

The Life you Want

Feeling uneasy, stressed or dissatisfied with your life? Facing an important life transition? Via personal coaching, you can explore your challenges and and your desires and move in the direction of the life you want. Sample outcomes include: improving time management, work/life balance, enhancing communication in relationships, practicing gratitude and mindfulness, dealing with grief, entering into motherhood, etc.


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Free Introductory Session

Not sure if coaching is right for you? Don't know where to begin? Book a quick chat to learn more and explore whether coaching is right for you.

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Schedule a Session
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