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4 Powerful Questions to Contradict and Challenge Yourself

In this solo podcast, I share four powerful questions designed to help you frame your goals and question your own assumptions so you can move forward when you are most stuck.

The four questions are:

What is the opposite of this negative goal?

When you are framing a goal in a negative way (I don't want to... I want to not...), flip the goal and find out what the opposite of the goal is for you.

How might I be wrong?

Contradict yourself and question your assumptions until you find a belief or thought that feels better for you.

How do I know this / do I really know this or is this just a belief?

Force yourself to find evidence for the things you think you know and learn to immediately recognize limiting beliefs.

Can you think of a time when you were able to do the thing you are now saying you 'can't' do?

Recognize your strengths and previous experience dealing with similar problems to help you understand that you are enough-- you already possess the necessary skills to take a step forward into your goals.

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