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PODCAST: Cheri Timko, the relationship coach who's bringing back... Date Night!

In this latest PODCAST, I spoke to Cheri Timko, a relationship coach and couples therapist who specializes in helping couples reconnect to each other. Her mission is to help people create the strong and successful bonds they want with their partner.

Listen to learn insights about what makes couples strong and get practical tips for (re)connecting to your partner. Learn ideas about bringing back date night and how to make those dates better than ever!

For more information, also join Cheri's Date Night community on Facebook:

Reach out to Cheri for freebies and for deeper support in strengthening your relationship.

Photo (c) Matthieu Huang

Discussion Questions: 1) Have you been on a date with your partner recently? 2) When conflicts arise, do you and your partner have a process in place to solve them? 3) You have the opportunity to go on a date tonight. What do you feel like doing? 4) What is an experience your partner would really enjoy?
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