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Interrupting Limiting Thoughts

In the 4-minute podcast below, I discuss some of my ideas about limiting thoughts and how to move from a space of fear to a space of self-authorization, where you give yourself permission to embrace freedom and responsibility, two sides of the coin of creating change in your life.

Your freedom makes it possible to change, and you ask yourself what is your responsibility towards others and towards the world as you make this change.

Listen to the Podcast and let me know your thoughts!

This is the chart that I was visualizing as I was thinking through these ideas.


Think of a specific change you are struggling to make and "run it through the chart" above:

  • On the left-hand column, write out some limiting thoughts that are preventing you from meeting your goal.

  • On the right hand-side, envision what freedom and responsibility would look like in this situation.

  • In the middle learning zone, design your path: what observations, inquiry and practices will you deploy to help you make that change?

Discussion Questions: 1) Are you able to recognize your limiting thoughts on any particular topic? 2) What are some limiting thoughts you are aware that you hold? 3) What purpose has a certain limiting thought served in your life so far? 4) Why does this thought no longer serve you in the change you are trying to make? 5) How do people in your life react when you exercise your freedom and self-love? 6) How can you be mindful about the ways in which you exercise your own freedom, understanding that you will have an impact on others? 7) What is your responsibility to yourself and others? 8) What is your responsibility to the World?

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