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Moon over the Pier

A couple of years ago, I was walking up and down the Imperial Beach Pier (near where I live), and I was on my phone. I suddenly felt the urge to look up, and I noticed how the moon looked beautiful and huge, right above a building.

Just a step or two later, the moon was gone, hidden by the tall building. I stopped and walked backwards to reveal the moon again. Then I walked forward again to hide it.

I was struck by how this "exercise" could be a metaphor for how we go about life and what we catch. When we go quickly and are distracted, we may miss beautiful things. When we pause and slow down, we have the chance to see what may be otherwise easily passed over.

Then again, we are always catching something when we are missing something else and vice versa. Rather than feeling disappointed about missing what we were too distracted to see, let us be grateful about what we do catch, regardless of how we move, from one moment to the next.


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