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PODCAST: Free Zumba in Imperial Beach

Welcome to my PODCAST!! I will be featuring influential people who are living their dream lives and having a great impact in their communities. We talk about their passions, their journeys and what they've learned along the way.

In this first episode, I met with Kelley and Amy, who are passionate zumba instructors and are spreading the joy of this healing dance in Imperial Beach.

Here is what I saw when I ran into them for the first time:

Join Kelley and Amy on their Facebook groups to learn more about their free, beachside Saturday morning lessons!

Imperial Beach Zumba Flash Mob group

Amy's Facebook group

Kelley's Facebook group

Kelley's Zumba Instructor Page

Amy's Zumba Instructor Page

Discussion Question: 1) What is something that you love so much that you'd be willing to do for free early on a Saturday morning?
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