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What day is today?

I currently exist in the world where maternity leave blends into summer break, and you no longer know what day it is. It's a great joy and privilege to become aware that I am often unaware of the day of the week.

Not needing to keep track of the days plus my newfound forgetfulness (pregnancy brain is a real thing) led me to constantly be asking myself if I have taken my vitamin for the day, the one my doctor says I need to take. I am a good patient, and I want to follow instructions, so my partner suggested I buy one of those weekly pillbox organizers.

As soon as I did, I realized my pillbox is now marking the passage of time for me, and provided I don't forget to take my pill (could be a tall order in this postpartum stage), I now know what day it is!

Thank you or curse you, pillbox, for now I no longer have to ask What day is today?

Discussion question 1) What day is today for you? (hint: you may not answer using the name of any of the days of the week, answer instead by declaring something for yourself... for example, today is the day I start a daily meditation practice)

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